Affordable, Designer Eyewear

The idea for the brand came from a college student who wanted to purchase a pair of vintage-inspired designer eyewear, until he saw the price tag. We then realized that it is getting more and more expensive for people to be able to own a decent pair of glasses. People do not have enough options in eyewear as they do nowadays in clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Some even turn to knock-off branded designer eyewear in order to own a well-designed pair of glasses. Companies in the eyewear industry are charging outrageous premiums for different brands, keeping prices extremely high, gaining profits from consumers who are faced with no other options.

Our brand of eyewear acts as the ‘bridge’ that connects individuals with high-quality pieces of eyewear without breaking their bank. We design our glasses in-house and produce them at respected eyewear manufacturers in order to eliminate the price premiums charged by designer brands and their distributors/wholesalers.

We are a local, high-quality eyewear brand that is true to itself and aren’t knock-offs.

Our eyes have the right to see; with Bridges, everyone will see in style.


The Bridges Eyewear Team.

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Includes Free Prescription Lenses


Includes Free Prescription Lenses


Includes Free Prescription Lenses